KKSB Odroid XU4Q Case with Fan - Aluminum

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KKSB Odroid XU4Q Aluminum Case with Fan is an advanced and improved version of the previous KKSB Aluminum Case for XU4Q which earned great popularity. Its users rated it highly for being an affordable yet a great quality product.

The newer version provides support for original as well as other heatsinks which is quite a need with these cases. The biggest plus with this model is perhaps the ability to fit a taller heatsink. Fans and heatsinks are necessary for devices as miniPCs and the KKSB Odroid XU4Q case has been designed to support these needs primarily as it supports heat management.


  • Maker: Original KKSB
  • Product Material: Top-notch aluminum alloy
  • Designed for Odroid-XU4Q
  • Laser Cut precision Cut-outs for all Odroid-XU4Q components and connectors including USB, 5V Supply, RJ-45, SD Card, and HDMI
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Includes 5v Fan (attaches to existing fan port on board Plug & Play)