KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case (Brushed Steel)

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KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case

KKSB is the one name to count on, with a huge market standing and approval of some development board manufacturers as well. The KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case is a laser cut product designed by KKSB for support Arduino Main Board or Mega models. KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case Features There are a lot of things aside from the price when you are purchasing a metallic case for your single board unit. Compatibility, durability, and utility of the case are of utmost importance. Given below is the list of some salient specs and features of the

KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case. This metallic case is completely compatible with Arduino Main Board and Arduino Mega. It supports easy connectivity for all the peripherals and connectors. It supports wireless projects by enabling access to the 9V battery. It is made in high-quality stainless steel which takes the heat very efficiently and protects against eternal damages. It supports the Ethernet Shield on the top and has specially designed slots to support other shields as well. It has laser cut precision and a fine finish. Description The KKSB Arduino Metal Project Case has dimensions of 108mm x 61mm x 40mm with a stainless-steel body processed with laser cut precision. It is reliable and very efficient and most importantly, it supports wireless projects without any difficulty.