Arduino Uno - Stainless Steel

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KKSB Arduino UNO Stainless Steel Case

The KKSB Arduino UNO Stainless Steel Case brings two of the most well-known names of the single board industry. Arduino is known for making the finest quality development boards which are efficient at work and last long. KKSB, on the other hand, is a case manufacturing company which makes sure the single board units remain protected. 

KKSB has a name of its own but the plus here is that Arduino recognizes its products and has approved the KKSB metallic cases for its products. The KKSB Arduino UNO Stainless Steel Case has been designed to meet the needs of Arduino’s UNO users. 

The KKSB Arduino UNO Case is a stainless-steel product, that provides complete protection without hampering accessibility. The list of its components are as follows: 

  • Case Lid 
  • Case Bottom 
  • 1 Machine Screw 
  • 2 Countersunk Hex-Screws 

KKSB Arduino UNO Stainless Steel Case Features KKSB has a reputation for manufacturing cases which are durable and work in complete compatibility with respective devices. These keep accessibility as top priority so there are no issues working with these cases. Some of the important features of the KKSB Arduino UNO Stainless Steel Case are as follows: It is completely compatible with Arduino’s UNO. It is made of stainless steel with powered coated finish on the bottom and processed with laser cut precision. Cutouts to support all components of Arduino UNO. The stainless steel used is of high quality which helps in dissipating heat as well as being designed for ventilation.