KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel)

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KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel)

The use of development boards and single board computers have rapidly increased around the globe and continues to grow. While these devices have great number of applications, these board are not rugged and need to be taken care of. Metallic cases are the first line of protection, especially for the single boards. If you have a BeagleBone device then the only product you should consider is the KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel).

You will find many counterparts available in the market and for all the prices but you will not find any metallic case which has the direct approval of BeagleBone for its devices. KKSB has its reputation and it can be trusted but the label’s approval simply stamps its products as the right choice. Features KKSB makes the finest quality products which are not only efficient but very durable as well.

The KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel) is no different. Here are some of the most important specs and features of this case. It is completely compatible with BeagleBone SanCloud and Black models, approved by the developer itself.

KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel) is high-quality stainless steel which doesn’t wear and sustains the heat emission very efficiently. It supports vents for maximized temperature control and heat management.

KKSB uses its laser cutting technology for the finest and the most precise finishing of its metallic cases. You can trust the precision.

The case dimensions are 92mm x 58mm x 29mm. It has precisely cut slots which enable easy connectivity for all the peripherals.


The KKSB BeagleBone Case (Brushed Steel) contains case bottom, case lid, two hexagonal standoffs, and two cross-head countersunk screws. It is high-quality stainless steel processed with laser-cut precision and ensures convenience in use as well as functional efficiency.