KKSB Odroid XU4 Aluminum Case

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KKSB Odroid XU4 Aluminum Case is an impressive PC with exceptional power and promising hardware featuring smaller form-factor. You definitely need to protect its components to help it serve you for years. We’ve brought for you the exclusive and one of kind Odroid XU4 case designed by KKSB.

This design, made of aluminium alloy, and you can either place it on a flat surface or mount it against a wall. The KKSB Odroid-XU4 Aluminium case features a black top and a white base. It is not only attractive but also extremely reliable. This metal doesn’t expand or shrink with the temperature variation. The casing has been designed exclusively for your Odroid-XU4, even then if you want modifications, the drilling through the thin aluminum walls is super-easy. Let’s go through the prominent features of this imperative yet the inexpensive metallic case.



  • Maker: Original KKSB
  • Product Material: Top-notch aluminum alloy
  • Designed for Odroid-XU4
  • Laser Cut precision Cut-outs for all Odroid-XU4 components and connectors including USB, 5V Supply, RJ-45, SD Card, and HDMI
  • Excellent ventilation