KKSB Odroid XU4 Machined Case - Aluminium

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Premium but affordable case made by KKSB-Cases. The case fits Hardkernel's Odroid XU4 or XU4Q boards.

CNC milled from solid aluminium 6061 and hard anodized grey. The advantage is that you will have a very rigid case and the case is directly connected the boards CPU with 2mm thermal pads. You can operate the board fan-less and for a quiet experience.

  • Minimalist design but also includes features like push buttons & two light pipes (led indicators). Includes rubber feet for stability.
  • Four screws are supplied to connect bottom and top.
  • On the backside there is holes to be able to mount the case on a wall.
  • Supports the Odroid Xu4 & Xu4Q 
  • Built in Heat Sink 

Easy Assembly: Place the thermal pad on your Odroid, put your Odroid inside the case, and screw the bottom of the case on! 

  • SD Card Access 
  • Includes Thermal Pad & Rubber Feet