KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case

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KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case

Pine64 is an amazing device which should be protected from all types of variables including heat emission during processing. A single board unit case is what makes the perfect protection for such devices. Metallic cases are the first preference for the majority of development board users around the globe. High-quality Aluminum is chosen because of their precision, ability to deal with the heat and the convenience in cutting new holes. The renowned case maker KKSB has introduced the KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case, specifically for Pine64.


KKSB products have earned a lot of acclaim for having high quality, durable bodies, enabling accessibility and facilitation of heat management. The manufacturers have made the KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case keeping all these criteria under check. Here are some specs and features of this aluminum metallic case. 3032 Aluminum of high quality is used for manufacturing the KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case. It can take the external wear and tear and internal heat as well. The case supports connectivity for all the specs of Pine64 and keeps the board accessible with ease. It supports four standoffs and additional screws can also be supported. The KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case can be used as a desktop and new slots can be easily cut out if other connectors that may need to be hosted. It has been made with laser cut precision and has the typical fine KKSB metallic finish. Description KKSB Pine64 Aluminum Case is a high-quality aluminum case manufactured by KKSB for the Pine64 devices. It is lightweight yet durable and very useful. It supports proper ventilation and allows complete connectivity.