KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case

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KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case

Single board computers are sensitive devices which require a lot of care. This is dealt with if one wants these devices to run for their actual lifetime. Protecting the board is the most important. Plastic cases have been in use for the longest time to protect single board computers but these cases have many drawbacks. Over time progress has been made and metallic cases have come forth as the replacement. KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case is one such product and it is exactly what these computers need for protection. KKSB has produced a special case for Raspberry Pi Zero and it’s exactly what the label’s reputation binds it to be efficient and for professionals.


The specs and features of the KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case by the well-known KKSB serve as the most convincing reason for choosing this product for a Raspberry Pi ZERO, here’s a short list. The KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case has been designed for optimal heat management. It has curved edges with laser cut precision which not only look stylish but support ventilation as well. All peripheral support offered by the Raspberry PI is preserved through fine cutouts for ribbon cable and each connector. It includes two countersunk screws besides a regular screw, comes with the bottom as well as the lid.

The KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case enables complete board accessibility. The metal finishing is fine and gives off a very professional look for the one carrying it. The high-quality metal used makes it reliable as well. KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case is everything you need for a single board computer protection and in one package.